Getting Startup Probe failing while migrating pgdb server

I’m getting startup probe and readinees probe failing on pods while migrating the pgdb server path.
My sonarqube version 10.2
Trying to migrate the Azure pgdb version 11 to azure postgress flexible server version 14.11.

And I’m using AKS cluster support v1.27.3

Can anyone help me in this to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance!!

Can you be a little more specific about what actions you’re taking? The more information you provide here, the better somebody can try and help you.

I’m trying to migrate my sonarqube db from normal pgdb server to flexible pgdb server.
SS for reference-

When I change the server path in my sonarqube pod is in Not ready state and it’s startup/readiness probe is failing.
I’m using this chart in my helmfiles- sonarqube-dce 10.2.0+738 · sonarsource/sonarqube

I also want to upgrade sonarqube version, currently i’m on 10.2 community edition. Also need help in that which version should i upgrade next?
MY AKS version is- 1.27.3

Well, what do the SonarQube logs say after you update the URL and recycle the pod?

You should target v10.6.

@Colin Thanks for helping me. I’ve upgraded the sonarqube version to 10.6.
I’ve also migrated the postgress server.
But on Sq Ui there is no projects listing now. And I’m getting this error. Pls help!!

Try trashing the data/es8 folder of your SonarQube instance and restarting.

How are you passing credentials to the scanner?

@Colin Creds part is working now. Actually I’ve migrated the sonar db server.
After taking dump and restore scanner is working fine. But projects are not listing here-

But on background tasks projects are showing there.

I’ll come back to this advice:|

Do i need to stop the sonarqube server?
If yes, then I’ll not able to login into the running sonarqube pod.

You can trash it before shutting down.

Just to make sure I understand, are you saying that the /data/ folder doesn’t persist on a volume somewhere when the SonarQube server is shut down?

Yes actually I’ve deployed sonarqube helm charts so its running as a pod.
And if i need to trash /data/es8 then I need to do it in running state.
There is no way to trash it after stop.
Here is the ss inside the container/pod.