Generate Consolidated Report

We are using Data Centre Edition. SQ version 9.9 LTS.

We are looking for an option to generate a consolidated report from the Sonar scan under any of the portfolio settings? Is there an option available to do that?

Basically we need to generate a consolidated scan report includes all the details of the code smells and other vulnerabilities under our portfolio , instead of collecting reports individually from each services.

Is there any option to achieve it from Sonar? we found an option to generate pdf report from portfolio settings on sonar dashboard but it only shows grades for each services and not detailed finings like code smells …etc

Please advise us.

Any update on this?


I invite you to familiarize yourself with the F.A.Q., particularly this section.

Additionally, I’ll point out that as a Data Center customer, you have access to our professional Support Engineers, who actually do have SLAs. :smiley:

Regarding your question, this functionality isn’t available, so I’m going to move your topic to the Product Manager for a Day category and flag it for the attention of the full-time product managers. Hopefully, they’ll be along soon.


Thanks for the update!


Thank you for taking the time to explain your need.

Could you please explain why you would like to see the details about the issues in your portfolio reports? And why do you need this information in a report rather than in SonarQube UI where it is already available?

Thanks in advance.