Functionality for migration or data porting in SQ Editions (Users/Groups/Projectkey-Templates)

Hi everyone,

would someone maybe be able to compile a compact list of which SQ-Edition contains what amount of functionality concerning data migration between SQ-Instances (via export/import)?

//edit: I nearly forgot the linkage … i was coming from here, where i was considering the setup needed to play around with a fresh install of SQ onpremise.

First and foremost i would be interested in exporting/importing the configured RBAC-Setup, but if other available areas exist, these would definitely be beneficial to know about, too.

I understand that this would be a snapshot picturing features which exist around today (which at the time of writing is the 1st of February 2019)

cheers and many TIA for any answers at all :slight_smile:

P.S.: If there does not exist any exporting/importing functionality it is of course fine to just state that, too.


Enterprise Edition($) and up allows you to import/export projects from one instance to another. Also starting at Enterprise Edition, customers with Support can get the DB Migration tool, which ports your data from one DB engine to another. And that sums it up.