Follow fixed/resolved issue

I would like to know how can i follow issue that already fixed and is there any key ID for each issue (simple key ID)?
Is there a report option to see resolved/fixed issue?
more, in pull-request scan, can we see what the developer fix relative to the master branch?

Hi Galit,

There’s actually a lot here, and we try to keep it to one topic per thread. Otherwise it can get messy, fast. I’m going to take a pass at answering each topic, but if you have followup questions, I reserve the right to ask you to create new threads. :sweat_smile:

Each issue does have a GUID. It’s not referenced in the UI, but you can see it in the Web API response.

To be clear, that’s two different things. We consider issues “resolved” when they’re marked False Positive or Won’t Fix. You can find them in the Issues page using the Resolution facet. Note that there is also a “Fixed” resolution and users can mark an issue Fixed via the UI. This option is rarely used and basically vestigial. If you mark an issue Fixed without fixing it in code, it will be re-opened on the next analysis. So you can typically ignore this resolution.

Issues are moved to status=Closed (and yes, resolution=Fixed) when they’re actually corrected in code and no longer detected by analysis. Closed issues are purged from the DB 30d after being closed, so if you really need to track

We don’t report which issues a PR fixes. That’s a long-standing request, but it’s not simple, and we haven’t gotten around to it yet.