First analysis failed on Sonar Cloud - Analysis ID "ca602e70-193d-401e-aef1-65950d70f453"

The last analysis has failed. If it keeps on failing after several attempts
analysis ID: “ca602e70-193d-401e-aef1-65950d70f453”.

Hi @ACertainDev , welcome to the community!

I think I found other analyses that were completed successfully for the same project and the same branch. Am I correct if I say it was a transient error?

It seems something misbehaved on our end, causing the analysis to fail. It doesn’t seem to be related to some configuration or to your project.
Thanks for raising the issue, I’ll continue to investigate to improve our software!

Have a nice day,

Hello Claire,

Yes I checked a few hours later and the analysis seemed to have completed.
Thanks for the answer. I will keep configuring my project


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