Find projects using JaCoCo binary reports

we’re using SQ 7.9.4, JaCoCo 1.1.0, but SonarJava is still on 5.14 due to the problem that some projects might still use the JaCoCo binary report format. Is there some way to find out which of the projects are doing this, so that they can take action to swtich to XML reports (and as side effect we can upgrade to SonarJava 6.x)?
Many thanks in advance for any advice, regards, Thomas

I can answer this question myself (lucky me).

When you take a look into table ce_task_message you can search for the string '%JaCoCo XML format%' in the field message. This should give you all task_uuids where JaCoCo binary format is used. Those task_uuids can be taken to get the main_component_uuid in table ce_activity and that UUID corresponds to uuid in table projects.

Now, with that information you can easily create your own query giving you those projects still using binary report format. If you’re interested, I can post the final SQL query.

Regards, Thomas