Filter SonarLint findings using "tags"

On SonarLint, is it possible to display the tags associated to the raised rules and/or filtered on them ?

Hello @loky,

No it’s not possible at the moment. Could you explain the reason you need that ?

It’s because we have to work with a Software Quality Referential. In this one, it is discribed our coding rules. I need to perform a mapping between our Referential and your rules. To do this, I need to getherings some of them and add extra informations. From SonarQube side, there is no issue because I can do it thanks to the tags system. But I need ours software engineers can filter these findings on specific tags from their IDE.

Hi @loky,
to complement what Damien said above: it is not possible to do that directly in SonarLint, but you can use the website to see the tags and filter on them.

For example, if SonarLint raised a java:2095 issue

you can use this URL to view the tags:

If you start from the website to browse rules and filter on them, you may want to doublecheck whether a rule is available in SonarLint (most of them are, but not all), you can simply check for SonarLint logo at the bottom of the page:

Hi @Marco_Comi,
Thank you for your reply but it is not exactly what I would say.

I need to add some extra information on our rules and the tags are a ggod way to do it.

For instance, in our Quality Referential we have a rule named CATCHGEN which is Mandatory.
This rule is covered by :

So in SonarQube, I add the tags CATCHGEN and Mandatory on RSPEC-1696 and RSPEC-1181.
In this way, for instance I can filter on Mandatory or on CATCHGEN in order to watch all this kind of artefacts.

But I also would like that could be done from the IDE.

Hello @loky,

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