Filter reported issues by a more relaxed quality profile


My usual quality profile (A) contains plenty of rules. However, the company recommended a much more relaxed set of rules (B).

Given that both quality profiles are available on the same sonar instance, is it possible to filter the current set of issues (reported by A) by the other quality profile (B)?

Thank you,

P.S. I’m using A to be aware of the issues, and B in the prioritization process.

Hi Eduard,

Filtering open issues by what would be raised by Profile B isn’t possible. However, since you’re using the more stringent profile merely “to be aware of the issues” then you can edit the severity of the extra rules in Profile A to Info and re-analyze. The issues raised by those rules will have their severities reset, and then you can filter by issue severity.


Changing severity of the extra rules would mean losing valuable info.

I was hoping for an experience similar with the one when adding rules that are not present in a given quality profile.


  • I’m already able to filter the existing issues by rule, origin repository, author, severity, and so on.
  • It would be great to also filter the issues by active or inactive rules of another quality profile.

This would give me a good set of arguments for extending the company profile (without any painful workarounds).