Filter hotspots by date?

SQ 8.6.0

When security hotspots were just another issue type, they could be filtered through the same mechanisms as other issues, either on the web portal or by using parameters such as createdXXX when calling api/issues/search. But now that they are “first class citizens,” api/issues/search no longer fetches them, and api/hotspot/search doesn’t have date-filtering parameters. How then does one filter hotspots by dates?

Hello @MisterPi,

Can you clarify in which context do you need to filter Security Hotspots by date?


To know what’s been added recently, just like any other issue.

Are you using the New Code Period? I believe when it is set, you get access to what has been recently introduced and then you no longer need to have a way to filter Security Hotspots by date.