False positive on doubly clearly marked ignored exception

Versions used:

  • SonarQube: 8.3.1 (build 34397)
  • Scanner - not shown on page
  • Language analyzer - not shown on page

Minimal code sample to reproduce:

String toolTipText = null;
try {
    toolTipText = Resources.getResource( "Widget.optionalHint");
} catch (MissingResourceException ignored) { // 🧨
    // Not a problem, it's optional.

This is not the first case and I’m sure it won’t be the last. The best way for Sonar to avoid future embarrassment would probably be to assert that all the code fragments which ErrorProne declares as good code, do not fail the Sonar checks. Once you pass that test, maybe you’ll start to be considered useful instead of intrusive.

Hello @trejkaz,

Thanks for the feedback. Although there may be some legitimate content in what you are reporting, the form is clearly falling short of a good community forum collaboration etiquette.
Clearly the tone of your feedback is not pushing us to pay any attention to the thread.

Concerning to value delivered by our products, despite your dismissive comments, we have no doubts: We get everyday thousands of testimonials from developers who love them.

If you wish to reformulate your post we may have a look at the facts.

Have a nice day. Olivier


Well, I could have been an asshole but I chose to be polite. If you have a problem with my polite tone then do let me know because I could have been a lot more savage than I was, given the quality of the software being talked about here.

Also please direct me to this forum etiquette you are talking about.