Failing to upgrade from to 8.9.6 LTS

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • Version:
  • Trying to upgrade to latest LTS
  • Following the upgrade document here (using the “Upgrade from ZIP” instructions): Upgrade Guide | SonarQube Docs


  • Application was “installed” using the image from Bitnami several years ago
  • Obviously hasn’t been upgraded in some time
  • Need to upgrade it to latest LTS until we can migrate to SonarCloud


  • After restarting the service, a single SonarQube-related java process is pinned for hours and makes no visible progress
  • Our database is small and the VM is highly powered so I do not believe it is simply migrating the database
  • We made several attempts, each time the same results


What do your server logs say?


Well I spent a bunch more time on it and was able to finish the upgrade.

It seems like there were several things contributing to the failures:

  • Bad folder/file ownership
  • Unsupported plugins

After tailing a TON of logs, I was able to track down each problem in order and fix them.

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