Failing Analysis ID-AXWJkKcHH-goSbCr2rSU


Analysis is failing since long and ID is -AXWJkKcHH-goSbCr2rSU.
Can you help with this.

Hi @Ritu

It seems your are using a windows absolute path in your configuration:

 Invalid directory path in 'source' element: C:/Repo/XX

Specific absolute paths are related to your specific runtime context : Autoscan can not mimic this to run the analysis as it runs on your Windows laptop or server.

You might find some interesting content in those pages:


How to fix this as I do not see absolute path anywhere.
Ans getting analysis fail everytime.

where I have to fix this

Hi Ritu,

Can you check the following doc page please?

And BTW, looking at the logs, Autoscan does not support coverage and this is when the analysis fails.

Check the following limitations.