Failing analysis ID: "AXSY8Ziszdyiyuwa6FrU"

Failing analysis ID: “AXSY8Ziszdyiyuwa6FrU”. How do we get a support around here? Sorry, I am a bit new. Thanks.

Hi @shehi and welcome to the community !

The phpUnit coverage file you provided was not found, it threw an error then.


That sucks, coz it asked for relative path and I gave one, relative to project root. No idea what else to do.

In fact i had precision concerning the error. We found the file, but unable to parse it. For your information, only XML reports can be parsed. Is that your case ?

Yes, but it is important to note that PhpUnit can create two types of XML reports:

I also provided PhpUnit execution log xml. Again, these can be of two types:

I included Clover XML for the former, JUnit XML for the latter.

As mentioned in the SonarCloud documentation for coverage, sonar.php.coverage.reportPaths should point to Clover XML-format coverage reports.

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