Failing analysis ID: 1371f4a1-ab8c-4a7e-b3c6-eb6bb3d8ce3b

Thanks for this amazing tool, we found you by fortune and we plan using this incredible tool for our projects.
Sadly one of our repo analysis has failed repeatedly so we wanted to know if there is a way to fix this.
Please let us know, thanks in advance and congratulations for the tool and the help you are providing.

Best, Fernando

Hello @fuval,

The scan currently runs out of memory. It seems you have library/dependency files checked into your repository. These type of files tend to be very big and since the scanner environment is limited to 3GB of memory it fails.

May I ask what the reason is for including library files in your version control system? Was it a conscious choice to not use a package manager like npm? We would like to understand this scenario so we can prevent these kind of failures in the future.

Excluding your folder www/lib from the analysis should fix your project, you can set sonar.exclusions to www/lib/**/*, see the documentation here.

Hope that helps