Failed to load coverage: Unknown architecture named:

SonarQube version = 7.9.5
SonarScanner version =
Java version = 11.0.9 Oracle Corporation (64-bit)
Mac version = OS X 10.16 x86_64

Hi Team,

I am unable to perform sonar analysis due to above error. I have researched a lot and tried following solutions…

  1. Building Active Architecture only - true in Xcode target build setting.
  2. Stating Valid Architecture x86_64.

But that resulted with same error. Please help me or guide me into right direction to solve this issue.


Hello Shivam,

I believe your issue is more on how to generate the coverage report, before involving SonarQube.
SonarQube does not generate reports, it just needs them to exist at the configured location so that they can be consumed
That is why this forum might not help much and you will likely get better guidance from the Slather maintainers.

Have a nice day