"Extra configuration steps required" when configuring GitHub Actions with SonarCloud

Hi everyone,

I’m brand new to SonarCloud. I’m setting a Ruby project from GitHub to SonarCloud. I have followed the configuration setting steps (3 steps) but it seems it was not done properly…

I have set:

  1. GitHub Secret

  2. .github/workflows/build.yml

  3. sonar-project.properties

But the project is still saying Extra configuration steps required

GitHub project: GitHub - xcadgear/bert

Please kindly advise.

Thank you very much :pray:

Hey there.

It looks like no actions have run on your repo. Since the main branch of your repo is main and not master, I would suggest making sure you change this part of your workflow.

name: Build
      - master

Hi Colin,

Many thanks for the reply. I will convert the branch to master. It was my mistake :joy: :rage:.

Again, thank you so much! :pray: