Executive Reporting not as PDF but as HTML to send to webpage

Hi there,
I’m wondering if there is a chance to not send out e-mails with PDFs attached but to setup a website into which I’d like to send HTML + Graphics executive reports?
With this I can simply setup a nice litte workflow posting the reports on one page which I have to communicate only once. It’s open for everyone interested and I don’t get into crosshairs because of spamming the board or VPs.

Because automated e-mails are not read most of the time and I don’t always have to keep a copy of the latest report so I can show them if I need to.

Moreover I could even set certain additional functionalities on the data poured into that Website.

I do have some workarounds in my head already but a switch to either publish on a website or send a PDF would be quite a nice option.
Especially as i could cull some of the … controversial info, which might not be properly understood by C-Level.

Thanks. :smiley:

Hey @MikeFontner,

Thanks for raising this idea. The topic is a recurring one, the truth is there are as many reports as there are needs. Some will like having a recurring mail telling them where they are, some will prefer some excel output to post-process them, some would like to publish an HTML page, or why not a slides-like document, etc. And each of them will prefer this or this representation because it fits better in their context…

SQ is not a reporting tool, SQ is a code analysis platform which allows you to precisely scan your code and have feature to use its results (Issue facets, UI, PR decoration, etc.).

For these 2 reasons, we approached the problem differently: SQ as a fully capable API (link in your instance footer) to get whatever data you need and process them the way you want. I know it’s not a one-click feature, but getting some JSON data a make a nice representation of them is quite straight forward nowadays. So I suggest you to go this way and implement something which exactly fits your need, rather than relying on SQ to do that.

What do you think?


Hello Antoine,
I see your point. :smiley:
So I think I’ll go with the WebAPI and see what I can get out of it with respect to my / our needs.

Thanks for the hint.