Examples for setting up first scan

Hi, newbie here at SonarSourcing… we are using SonarCloud for the moment.
Are there any good resource pages here for showing a step by step on how to setting up my first scan?
Embedded TI code. I was thinking a docker container to compile it in Windows, because this is how the repo is per now.

BR, Atle

  • ALM used (gitlab repo)
  • CI system used (gitlab)
  • Languages : C/C++

Hi Atle,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thank you for your interest in SonarCloud.

Did you check the documentation already: https://sonarcloud.io/documentation/getting-started/gitlab/ ?

Best regards,


Thanks! Yes I did. I now have come a bit forward, I get to run an analysis, but the report is empty. I struggle on how to select the source right, I think, in the sonar-project.properties file (sonar.sources=)