Evidence>resolution: The component has been removed or never existed

Hi all!

I am getting the following message (The component has been removed or never existed.) when i´m reviewing ther resolved/no resolved evidences of the new version of my project after include some exclusions, and I wanted to know if it is correct, becouse i understand sonarqube does have this lines of code


As u can see in the images, sonarqube marks it as resolved and knows the directory where it is, but when i go to the code, does not show anything.
The route i had exclude in the analysis is */model (where is the resolved evidence)

Thanks u and sorry for my english.

Must-share information:
Version of SonarQube: 6.7.4


You’re looking at resolved issues. Issues can be resolved by several means:

  1. fix the code
  2. turn off the rule
  3. delete the file or exclude it from analysis

It looks like this issue was fixed by #3, which is why SonarQube can’t show you the corresponding source code.

Does this make sense?


Hi Ann,

Yes, thats just what is happening.
Then I suppose that it is the correct or expected performance.