Error while installing SonarQube Enterprise Edition

While installing SonarQube on our server, our technical team is facing multiple issues.

Please note: All Perquisite are installed as document provided.

Attached error log for reference.

Request you to connect someone from your team to assist our team for the installation.

es.log (4.1 KB) sonar.log (2.7 KB) web.log (4.5 KB)


Welcome to the community!

When you read the logs you’ve attached, what were your takeaways?


We are new and unable to understand the issue.

We would appreciate if someone could help us install the SonarQube Enterprise Edition on our server.


Your web.log contains this:

2021.03.01 16:28:23 ERROR web[][o.s.s.p.PlatformImpl] Web server startup failed
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can not check that table schema_migrations exists
Caused by: The database name component of the object qualifier must be the name of the current database.

So this is going to be about your JDBC URL configuration. Off-hand it looks like you’re not connecting to the right schema, or… something. TBH, that particular error is not one I’ve seen before. You probably want to search on that error text.

Professional support is available with commercial editions. In case you’re interested.


Thank you Ann… I will ask the technical team to check for the same.