Error using sonarcloud - not able to analyse code

  • Using SonarCloud
  • Error:
Fail to process issues of component 'SmartGiveaways_smart-giveaway-bot:discord/src/main/java/pink/zak/giveawaybot/discord/models/giveaway/finished/' (Visit of Component {key=SmartGiveaways_smart-giveaway-bot:discord/src/main/java/pink/zak/giveawaybot/discord/models/giveaway/finished/,type=FILE} failed)
  • Don’t have any definitive steps to reproduce but I had an issue with this class then removed the method that was related to that issue and moved it to the class it extended. The original issue was related to having compareTo() but not equals(), I added that but then it recommended adding hashCode(). I instead removed equals and added both equals() and hashCode() to the abstract class it extended.

Link to SonarCloud instance:
Link to GitHub code:
Direct link to issue class:

Hello @Zak,

I’m not sure to understand, where did you see this issue?

By looking at your links, it seems to me that you finally managed to analyze your code, is it correct?

The response was taking too long so I just deleted and recreated the project. Chances are it’ll probably come back at some point.

I see. Feel free to come back to us if it happens again.