ERROR: Unable to run check class - S1068 on file

  • Versions used (8.6.1)
    *Java version: 110.2
  • Error observed (ERROR: Unable to run check class - S1068 on file )
  • Steps to reproduce:NA
  • Potential workaround:Tried with SonarScanner 3.2 and also with 4.6
  • Scanner command used when applicable (private details masked): Jenkins configuration.
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Closing this thread due to a lack of traction and too limited information.

If you are facing a similar problem, please open a new thread making sure to:

  • Provide the full stack trace of the error, ideally the whole logs of the analysis.
  • The version of SonarQube you are using. No need for a version if you are using SonarCloud, just mention it.
  • More information concerning the content of the file, ideally a code sample reproducing the issue, or even the file itself (if open source).