Error submitting job to SonarCloud using Gradle

We added Sonar as GitHub application and started onboarding process.
This onboarding wizard suggests the following example for Gradle:

./gradlew sonarqube \
  -Dsonar.projectKey=_my_project_key_ \
  -Dsonar.organization=_my_organization_ \ \

But this command fails with:

"Property 'sonar.abap.file.suffixes' is not declared as multi-values/property set but was read using 'getStringArray' method"
 Error during parsing of generic test execution report ''. Look at the SonarQube documentation to know the expected XML format.

And my project’s status in SonarCloud is “Project is not analyzed yet”.

What I’m missing?

My environment:
Gradle 4.10.2
“org.sonarqube” version “2.7”

Can you please copy-paste more of the end of the analysis log, where the analysis fails? It will be easier to help you.

Fabrice, thank you - I’m attaching “./gradlew sonarqube . …” output.
gradle_sonarcloud.txt (5.9 KB)

Looks like there is a problem with the test results XML file. How do you generate it? Does the analysis succeeds if you remove this file?

Sorry for not updating this topic - yes, I fixed Sonar scan by commenting out this report and ignoring C/C++ files. My Gradle project combines Java and Angular.

OK, so I guess that the scanner gets fooled by the availability of a jest report which is not in the expected format for the Java code coverage.

Did you manage to have code coverage on your project though?