Error: SonarQube server [my aws server public ip adress ] can not be reached

Hi folks,

i am running sonarqube in my ec2 and trying to trigger it using jenkins pipeline . for some reason it cannot be accesible by jenkins says the server is not reachable . where as the url is completly correct and ive also checked my security group which allows all the traffic from everywhere . Any help would be appreciated

Hey there.

This is probably not an issue that we can help with, as we assume that the scanner (and where the scanner is running) will be able to access your SonarQube server.

Are you able to run a simple curl command from your build server to your SonarQube server?

Yeah its working when im trying to curl ! Btw my error got fixed when i’ve started using private ip instead of public . And no idea why it throws error when im trying to use public ip !