Error probing compiler


I am using Sonar Scanner on a C project. The following error message is displayed while running sonar-scanner:

17:19:05.268 DEBUG: Probing compiler: [C:\ti\ccsv5\tools\compiler\c2000_6.1.8\bin\cl2000.exe, --cpp_default, --float_support=fpu32, -O4, --preproc_macros, C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\probe7344669020318169208.tmp]
17:19:05.672 DEBUG: stdout:

17:19:05.673 DEBUG: stderr:

ERROR: Cannot combine -v27 with --float_support=fpu32

Hi @Ander ,

could you please share the entire sonar-scanner debug output log and the build-wrapper-dump.json file?

Hi @Ander ,

it seems like you are using a very old version of cl2000. Could you please try to replace -v28 argument with --silicon_version=28 in your build?

Hi Massimo,

Replacing -v28 did not help. However using a newer version of cl2000 did.


Hi @Ander ,

Could you share the sonar-scanner output and build-wrapper files you got by replacing -v28 with --silicon_version=28?