Error occurred during open SonarQube homepage on port 9000 using <Ip address>:9000

Hello everyone, I am trying to install SonarQube server in Linux VM. I have unzipped the downloaded setup file and want to use the embedded H2 Database. I already have java 11 installed on this VM Linux machine.

I have made the following changes to file.
1.sonar. embeddedDatabase.port=9092 Linux VM Ip Address

I start the SonarQube server as a non-root user in Linux using command ./ start

I do not see any errors in the web.log, sonar.log or nohup.log file.

when i try to open the homepage using URL: Linux VM Ip Address:9000
I see a maintenance page which says. SonarQube is under maintenance.

I don’t want to migrate any old DB as this is a completely fresh installation and there is no existing Db that i want to migrate the data from

Also, when I hit the URL lp-adress:9000/setup, I see the page with the message. Migration not supported

if I add following details in

then server doesn’t start and i see following error message in web.log
Caused by: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException: Wrong user name or password [28000-214]

how do i see the admin page at localhost:9000 or Linux VM ip address:9000???

if I’m doing anything wrong, please let me know.
any help would be greatly appreciated.


Why? SonarQube 9.8(.*) is already EOL. You should use either the current LTS, 9.9.2, or the latest version, 10.2.1.

Why? This isn’t supported for production use.

H2 is provided as a default DB for evaluation purposes only. Since it’s the default, all the default values work. Rollback your changes.

It seems that you have an H2 DB left over from evaluating a previous version of SonarQube? I can speculate about how this happened, but it’s easier just to say that for pure evaluation, you should explode the SonarQube zip into a brand new directory and run it from there. For production use, you should configure it to use a supported, external database.