Error not authorized to access this page

Hi everyone,

Currently we present in our Cobiscorp organization, the next error with to user

The user is registred so menber in the Orgniazation,

But when enter the login the system show the next error:

You’re not authorized to access this page.
Reason: You can’t sign up because login ‘’ is already used by an existing user.

are your can help my with this issue?

Thanks !!

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Greetings Andres,
We’re taking a look into this problem and we’ll get back to you shortly once we have a solution for your login issue.


are they any solution this issue ??. This issues is very important fix soon as possible in our organization.

Hello Andres,

I am taking on this ticket and will look into it with our back end devs.
I have some questions relating to the user account that I will ask directly to you via PM in order to assist in the resolution.

Solution was provided for the user that could not login

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