Error in SonarLint for IntelliJ For Webstorm 2024.2 EAP 1


  • Java: JetBrains s.r.o. 21.0.3
  • OS: Windows 11 amd64
  • IDE: WebStorm 2024.2 EAP
  • SonarLint:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Missing header Content-Length in input "Classes loaded by more than one classloader:
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.internal.json.simple.JSONArray                 : loaded 9 times (x 214B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.RuleMetadataLoader                             : loaded 9 times (x 72B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.internal.json.simple.parser.Yylex              : loaded 9 times (x 72B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.internal.json.simple.JSONStreamAware           : loaded 9 times (x 67B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.Resources                                      : loaded 9 times (x 68B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.EducationRuleLoader                            : loaded 9 times (x 73B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.internal.json.simple.JSONAware                 : loaded 9 times (x 67B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.internal.json.simple.parser.Yytoken            : loaded 9 times (x 69B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.internal.json.simple.JSONObject                : loaded 9 times (x 139B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.JsonParser                                     : loaded 9 times (x 71B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.internal.json.simple.parser.JSONParser         : loaded 9 times (x 80B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.internal.json.simple.parser.ParseException     : loaded 9 times (x 86B)
Class org.sonarsource.analyzer.commons.annotations.DeprecatedRuleKey                  : loaded 9 times (x 67B)

Hello @ChukwumaA, thank you for your report!

Do you have more information to share about how this issue happened? Did you do any actions that led to it?

Could you enable the logs and if it rehappens, could you check if you have more details?