ERROR Fail to process request TooManyResultsException: Expected one result (or null) to be returned

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • Recent upgrade from 9.5 to 9.7
  • Projects are not being scanned during pipeline execution
  • Modified jdbc string to add trustServerCertificate=true
  • JDBC connection string: sonar.jdbc.url=jdbc:sqlserver://MySqlDB.server;databaseName=SonarQube;integratedSecurity=true;encrypt=false;trustServerCertificate=true

After upgrade, I see ERROR in web.log. This appears to be the only error in logs.
The upgrade process went smoothly and DB was updated after upgrade without errors.

I had not downloaded the mssql-jdbc_auth .dll file. I completed this file update and restarted services. Still see the TooManyResultsException

Release notes said to replace the mssql-jdbc_auth .dll file. Does that mean remove older versions of the auth.dll file? What about the mssql-jdbc-10.2.1.jre11.jar file? That was not mentioned in release notes and I did not upload that file.

Does the issue I am reporting relate to: [SONAR-17547] - Jira

Upgraded to version 9.8 including step of updating mssql-jdbc_auth dll file to 11.2.1 and issue is resolved

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