Error during SonarQube Scanner execution; Unrecognized blame info at line


(Tamas Csabina) #1


We are using SonarQube Version 6.7.1 (build 35068).

I have an issue with the sonar-scanner.bat file that I am using to manually generate a sonarqube analyses for one of our projects.
1st I run the build-wrapper. There are no problems with that, and outputs are generated.
Then I would like to run the analyses with the sonar-scanner, which gives me the following error:

13:50:34.277 INFO: 154/292 files analyzed
13:50:34.392 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
13:50:34.394 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
13:50:34.396 INFO: Total time: 1:36.801s
13:50:34.766 INFO: Final Memory: 40M/803M
13:50:34.769 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
13:50:34.774 ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution
org.sonar.api.utils.command.CommandException: Error inside stdOut stream [command: hg blame -w -v --user --date --changeset src/userinterface/cfg_pages/pages/ui_cfgpage_work_water_func.c]
at org.sonar.api.utils.command.CommandExecutor.verifyGobbler(
at org.sonar.api.utils.command.CommandExecutor.execute(
at org.sonar.plugins.scm.mercurial.MercurialBlameCommand.execute(
at org.sonar.plugins.scm.mercurial.MercurialBlameCommand.blame(
at org.sonar.plugins.scm.mercurial.MercurialBlameCommand.access$000(
at org.sonar.plugins.scm.mercurial.MercurialBlameCommand$
at org.sonar.plugins.scm.mercurial.MercurialBlameCommand$
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to blame file src/userinterface/cfg_pages/pages/ui_cfgpage_work_water_func.c. Unrecognized blame info at line 913: pageWorkWaterFunc.remainingProgr = IxCleanGetRemainingTime(pageWorkWaterFunc.smcMode);
at org.sonar.plugins.scm.mercurial.MercurialBlameConsumer.consumeLine(
at org.sonar.api.utils.command.CommandExecutor$StreamGobbler.consumeLine(
at org.sonar.api.utils.command.CommandExecutor$
13:50:34.817 DEBUG: Executing: hg blame -w -v --user --date --changeset src/userinterface/general_ui/ui_home.c
13:50:34.820 DEBUG: Executing: hg blame -w -v --user --date --changeset src/userinterface/general_ui/ui_home.h

If I manually run the following command:
hg blame -w -v --user --date --changeset src/userinterface/cfg_pages/pages/ui_cfgpage_work_water_func.c
There are no problems.

So I am really stuck where is this coming from.

What is also strange that the same error is generated (same error about that particular line: 913) when I scan the repository with Fisheye (from Atlassian), which is a repository browser.

So I am pretty sure something is wrong with that particular file’s line, but I am not able to figure out what is wrong, and more importantly, how to fix it.