Error deploying sonarcloud to bitbucket hosted repository

I am deploying sonarcloud on a repository found on bitbucket, the language used is java 1.8 and gradle 6.3, do the repository variable configuration and pipeline configuration according to the documentation provided.

When performing the execution I always get the same result (image attached), trying to find a solution and verify file permissions in bash and modify versions in the configuration, however the same result is obtained.

I appreciate your collaboration.


Hey there.

Taking sonar out of the equation, are you able to (or were you able to in the past) trigger a compilation of the source cdoe in Bitbucket pipelines (./gradlew build or some other command)

Hello, thanks for answering, the other commands work fine, test with ./gradlew build and the result was successful.


That looks like it might be a local run — does the same grade build work on GitHub actions?