Error BC30002 - vs 2017

Good morning.
I am analyzing a project developed in visual basic with sonarqube 7.5 LTE and SonarScanner_MSBuild-; When executing the MsBuild.exe / t: Rebuild command, the following error occurs:

D:\SonarQube - Pruebas\SonarQube\WSAfiliacion\BDP.Afiliacion.Negocio\ManagerAfiliacion.vb(19,53): error BC30002: No está definido el tipo ‘ManagerAccesoAfiliacion’. [D:\SonarQube - Pruebas\SonarQube\WSAfiliacion\BDP.Afil

How could I solve this problem?

Hi Jorge,

It appears this is actually an error in your project build, not a SonarQube-specific issue. You’ll need to resolve the problems leading to MSBuild failures before you can successfully analyze your project. It appears some project or dependency may be missing from the solution you’re building?

HI Jeff
The strange thing about that is that the error occurs when the command is executed by console with the command MsBuild.exe / t: Rebuild, while the compilation using the ide comes out correct

Are you certain the same solution/project is what is being opened in the IDE versus what you attempt to build on the command line using MS Build?

Thanks Jeff, problem has already been solved