Error 404 email already exists with Google login

Hi team,

One of our indian user has never been able to log into Sonar (currently 7.1)) and gets the error below :

We’ve tried within an incognito window in Chrome, a different browser (safari), with & without Google’s 2FA, after resetting her password, on 2 different computers (one Mac, one Windows)… all without luck.
It looks similar to this issue (Redirecting to Google Groups) but without any error message whatsoever, despite the 404 error & the url showing up “email_already_exist”. Is there a way to disable / get rid of that account within Sonar whatsoever? We don’t care about history as she’s never been able to get into it. Thank you!


Hi Ben,

There has been some work done about improving error when encoutering many users with same email in SonarQube 7.2.
Would it be possible for you to migrate to 7.2 and check if your issue is fixed ?

Julien Lancelot

Hi Julien,

Thanks for the swift answer. I was about to close the ticket as we’ve fixed the issue by getting rid of the end user in SonarQube (since she never logged in she didn’t have any history we wanted to keep). I’ve updated my teammates anyway with your input as they may face the same issue once again in future.

Thanks again for the quick & efficient support, much appreciated. Feel free to close this ticket.

Best regards,


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