Enhancement: Reference the specific enhancements to documentation in the Jira-Issues

Hi there,

i would like to suggest enhancing the release notes.

i just skimmed through the Release Notes mentioned in the new 9.2 Relase Notes and - for the first time actually - klicked into some of the Issues mentioned under “Documentation”.

I can read some description, but i cannot follow into the actual enhanced docs. I very much would feel a benefit if i could do that:

  • Open the issue
  • see the enhancement
  • follow a referenced URL into the actual docs
  • read the actual new docs

E.g.: When closing a documentation issue, check that the enhanced part of documentation is referenced. (for example here in this issue …
reference the URL SonarLint Connected Mode | SonarQube Docs in the issue.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for this feedback! I’ll look into the logistics of implementing this and see what we can do for the next release.

Thanks again,