Enforce all Azure Devops projects are running Sonarqube

Hello everyone,

We just bought our Sonarqube Enterprise Edition to help us with some compliance issues.

The first step for us is to ensure that every project runs steps from Sonarqube on Azure Devops pipelines. We have tried some options, like as custom YAML file, but developers still have an option to unable this step. We wondering if it’s a way to prevent this and guarantee that every project cannot goes to delivery without run Sonarqube. What do you think, any help?

We’re running version on-premises.

Hey! Have you tried https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/devops/extend/develop/add-pipeline-decorator?view=azure-devops

No, we don’t tried this option. Thanks, I’ll try it and tell to you what happens.
There are some other options? These decorations are in preview version.

Works perfectly. Thank you.
This link also was helpful: https://www.marcusfelling.com/blog/2019/azure-devops-pipeline-decorators