Enable build scans for sonarqube-gradle-plugin

(Andres Almiray) #1

Would the team consider configuring the build-scan plugin in the build of the sonarqube-gradle-plugin?

Detailed information on what are build scans and the insights they may give you into the build can be found at https://guides.gradle.org/creating-build-scans/

(G Ann Campbell) #2


Could you explain why you’d like to see this?


(Andres Almiray) #3

Gradle build scans provide additional insight into builds, allowing detection of hot spots and enabling collaboration between team members. The build scan dashboard can give you a quick overview of the health of a build, granted not as sophisticated as SonarQube is for production code but we’ll get there :slight_smile:

Full disclosure: my roles is Developer Advocate at Gradle. We’re reaching out to plugin authors that would be interested in running build scans on their builds.

(Julien Henry) #5

Hi @aalmiray

Does it bring any value to users of our plugin? Because if this is just for us, our plugin is so small that I don’t see a huge benefit.

(Andres Almiray) #6

Hi Julien,

True, it does not directly benefit users as the data generated by build scans impacts primarily plugin authors. That being said, as you know better code quality leads to better user experience in the long run.

If the plugin code is small then I agree you might not need this feature right now, though I’d love to get most plugin authors to try the feature and reconsider using it.


(Julien Henry) #7

No promise, but I will try to give a look during the next sprint.

(Andres Almiray) #8

Thanks, really appreciate.