Embedded sonarqube MSP430


Sonarqube Version : 7.9.1 (build 27448)

We are using the MSP430 compiler from IAR in our project.
We try to analyze it, and it almost does a great job, except that he is not seeing the registers correctly :confused:
(actually neither vscode so I suspect something is going deep into the compiler but idk)
anyway it’s giving us this kind of error:
here PDOUT_L is a register of the controller, present almost in all controllers of this family.
I tried to add the inc folder of the compiler but it doesn’t change, I actually didn’t find how this variable is managed in the code :expressionless:

Does someone have a clue on how to manage that ?
It’s the triggering a parsing failure rule, a lot of them so it’s annoying in addition to not have the real analysis given the fact sonar doens’t know the type from there on.

thanks !

Hi @doudouClem,

would you be able to provide a small reproducer project to show this issue so I could have a look at it? That would be great!

I do that asap thanks

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