Email Notifications are delivered delayed for hours in Sonar 8.9.1

We are not receiving the notifications emails at proper time, emails are receiving after hours.
Recently we created one group and added one member to the group, the user received email notification about the same after 5+ hours.
We have tested the test mail from UI today morning, even that also not received till now.

Can someone help us to understand the issue and resolve the same.

Warm welcome @praseeb_kdas,

In order to troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing we would need some more information.

  1. Do rest of the SonarQube features work just fine?
  2. Can you enable TRACE logs for WebServer and then try again sending one test email? This would help us narrow down the issue. Once you have the logs collected, we will assist you in sending them to us, so you won’t need to publish them on public forum.