Elasticsearch integration

I’ve installed Sonarqube on Ubuntu and Sonarqube installed ElasticSearch itself. ElasticSearch is very resource intensive and needs extra attention and administration effort. Is it allowed to disable ES integration/instalttion and use Sonarqube without ElasticSearch?

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Hi @tirelibirefe ,

No. ES is a essential part of SonarQube and can not be disabled. If you are running the community-, developer-, or enterprise edition, you should treat the ES installation as a blackbox as every configuration needed is handled by SonarQube already. The only additional effort that is required when it comes to the bundled ES is the fulfillment of the host requirements and the continuous monitoring of available disk space, so the ES indexes does not get flagged to a read only state.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hello @Tobias_Trabelsi ,
Thanks for your explanation.

Maintaining an ES is a pain somewhere in the body.

Is it possible to connect Sonarqube to another ElasticSearch in order to fulfill the ES need of SonarQube Community Edition?

Please tell “yes”. That would be very helpful for us too…

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I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the answer is no :confused: