Elasticsearch error - all shards failed - CircuitBreakingException


To complement Ann’s response, the error you report here is a quite specific one:

This is an ElasticSearch problem. ElasticSearch is under water because it doesn’t have enough resources at its disposal (reminder: ElasticSearch is a search engine used by SonarQube to index issues, rules etc. so that it can access this data rapidly without having to query the database all the time, see SonarQube Architecture ).

Most likely the bottom line here is that you’re running an instance which has grown over time, and that instance now doesn’t have enough resources at its disposal to perform all its operations while being responsive and stable.

It’s essential at this time to do a bit of monitoring i.e. keep track of CPU/memory consumption to detect early any bottleneck and adjust the configuration if needed. Memory configuration is deployment-specific, the only way to tell is to monitor and provision resources accordingly.

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