Duplicate code of block in Java Bean

using SonarQube version 6.7(build 33306)

I am getting duplicated blocks of code in Java Beans are this false positives?

I have two completely irrelevant beans

Product {
Integer code;
String name;
20 other fields;
Getters and Setters;

String code;
String name;
5 other fields;
Gettters and Setters

So SonarQube is complaining that the 1 field in Email(name) is duplicate to 1 field in Product(name). Why is this so? If i extend Product in Email then i am inheriting 20 other fields which is totally irrelevant here. Also, there is a conflict with the data types of the code member variable . As this were meant for different things and require other changes if i have to extend the Product bean . This is just an example.
So what is the right thing to do in this scenario?