Downloading SonarCloud on Heroku CI is taking more than 10 mins or more on some PRs

Hi Sonar team,
Can you please advise on the below issue

  • ALM used GitHub

  • CI system used Heroku

  • Error observed
    The sonar scan step just hangs on the curl request to download sonar binaries for 10 to 15 mins. This is happening on some PRs and not all but it is causing significant delays.

Is there some sort of rate-limiting or some other issues which is causing this delay.



We don’t have any rate-limit for the download of the binaries so it should be always be fast.
Could the bottleneck or rate-limit happen on Heroku side or somewhere else ?

Thanks Grégoire.
The issues seems intermittent and haven’t seen it happen this week. Will keep an eye and let you know. I will also contact Heroku and check on their end.