Download SonarHTML Plugin for 6.7

Hello I’ve upgraded sonar to LTS 6.7 and I’m looking for the sonarHTML Plugin.
according plugin matrix, only v3.0.1 is compatible with LTS 6.7

Here I only can download the plugin for 7.6+

under more version, there is now download button :frowning:

I tried 3.1 but, getting some analise exception, so I’ve was wondering if the incompatibility is the case here.


What’s now called SonarHTML used to be called SonarWeb, and I believe it’s pre-installed for you.


Hi Ann,
well I know that it calls SonarHTML now. Thats not the case :slight_smile:
I download the latest LTS version of sonar but the extention folder is empty. what do you mean with pre-installed? Other question is how to download older versions of the plugins?


The mechanism in 6.7 is a little different. Look instead in $SONARQUBE-HOME/lib/bundled-plugins, the contents are installed in extensions/plugins on first startup.