Does SonarQube work on linux kernel source?

We have used SonarQube on user space/ application code successfully in past so were wondering if it can work with linux kernel source as well. But it seems to be not catching issues in kernel source.

Can someone please confirm if it can run over linux kernel source to analyse it?

The Linux Kernel is written in C, so it should be able to be analyzed by SonarQube Developer Edition and higher (where support for C/C++ starts).

If you are using that edition, and don’t think you’re getting proper analysis results – you should provide more details: like how the analysis is configured, what we’re seeing in SonarQube, what issues you expected to be raised that aren’t…

Hi Colin,

I will be able to provide you with details in a week or so.
What we observed was that it was not able to catch simple leaks like kmalloc ( malloc api in kernel source) without kfree.
I am not sure if sonarqube is aware of kernel apis like kmalloc to track its usage.

I understand that it can analyse basic c code but not linux kernel specific apis and special usage of those apis. Is my understanding correct?