Does SonarCloud fall under the free use provisions of Java 11?

The Oracle Technology Network License Agreement for Oracle Java SE ( states Java 11 can be used for “Development Use” where

Development Use ” refers to Your internal use of the Programs to develop, test, prototype and demonstrate Your Applications. For purposes of clarity, the “to develop” grant includes using the Programs to run profilers, debuggers and Integrated Development Environments (IDE Tools) where the primary purpose of the IDE Tools is profiling, debugging and source code editing Applications.

Since Java 11+ is required for SonarCloud, does it meet the provisions of Development Use?

When looking at this excerpt, I feel like SonarCloud scans cannot be considered as included in the purpose of "develop, test, prototype and demonstrate Your Applications".

Moving to OpenJDK to run the scanners solves this question, since it’s not licensed under the Oracle agreement but GPLv2.