Documentation on upgrades that lead to license problems

I would like to suggest that SonarQube documentation could benefit from a page that is specifically dedicated to database upgrade and migration (and titled along those lines).

I am sure that such a page could contain tips for aiding safe upgrade/migration but my real concern is to have a prominent link to Actions that will invalidate your license key

This is something that really bit me last week.

I had looked at the documentation and had no inkling that I was heading for problems.

With SQ EE 8.6 on live and SQ EE 8.8 on test, we performed a migration of Azure PostgreSQL to use Geo-Redundant Storage and thus (for each server) there was a database export/import and a change to DNS. Boom! Everything broke (“Analyses suspended”).

We got everything sorted out (new license keys provided) with the help of our reseller and Sonarsource Support. However, we had lost half a day during which we were unable to perform any releases.

It’s easy enough to find the documentation explaining the issue (link above) but only if you start off by searching the docs for license. If you search the docs for “upgrade” or “database” then it’s not clear at all. Hence the suggestion for an addition to documentation.

Separate from documention improvement… it seems that a license key can only be generated when the server ID is known… and you can only know the new server ID after the changes are complete. So downtime seems unavoidable. How can this be acceptable? Or am I missing something?

Hi @msymons

just for the specific case you mentioned, the best way to proceed is to reach out to your Sales Account Manager and let him/her know that you have a migration planned. Then, this person will be able to help you providing you a temporary key to let you work after your migration, while you will send the new ServerID to have a definitive license key.


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@Carine_Bayon, thanks for the response. Provision of a temporary key that can be used whilst migration is under-way would definitely address the potential for any downtime additional over and above what is necessary for the actual task of migration.

However, this still leaves the base problem… the documention should be making this clear and it should provide a way to help ensure that someone who searches for “database” or “upgrade” will be in no doubt that they need to take license keys into account with their plans, Users are not psychic… how would they know to go and read about invalidation of license keys without something to lead them there? The current documentation page is basically really great for hindsight… explaining clearly why things went wrong after they went wrong.


Thanks @msymons ,
We’ll update you if we make any update in the docs regarding licenses / ServerID / migration.

Have a nice weekend !