Do projects that have a "Not computed" quality gate show up as "Passed" or "Failed" in the filters list?

We have several hundred projects and would like to view the ones that do not yet have a Quality Gate computed yet so we can try to rectify that. The search filters for projects only have a Passed and a Failed for Quality Gate. Are either of those appropriate to start filtering to find the projects we need to target?

Hi @StingyJack

Unfortunately, project with a “not computed” quality gate are not included in the Quality Gate status filter, neither OK nor Failed. SonarCloud does not offer (yet? you can suggest a feature if you want) an easy way to list such projects.

As a workaround, you can write a script that combines the api/components/search API (doc) to list the projects inside a given organization, and the api/measures/component API (doc) with parameter metricsKeys=alert_status, to get the quality gate status of each project. “Not computed” is not a status, the quality gate really hasn’t been computed, so it’s empty.

Here is an example of result for a project without Quality Gate (measures is an empty array):



Cant this just be converted into a feature request?

The Web API is apparently only available to administrators. Due to a lack of auditing on one specific area, this admin access was revoked for all but a select few, so I cant use the API at the moment.