Display category for external rules in the "Why is this inportant?" window

When using external analyzers - in my case Roslyn for a .NET project - the rule name is displayed in the top right corner of the “Why is this important?” window, e.g. “roslyn:CA3147”.

To properly configure the external Roslyn analyzer, rule categories should be set accordingly, either in the Administration - External Analyzers section in SonarQube or via analysis configuration such as sonar.cs.roslyn.bugCategories or sonar.cs.roslyn.vulnerabilityCategories . See Importing Third-Party Issues | SonarQube Docs for details.

There is no easy or obvious way to find out what a given rule’s category is (see How to find rule category for external .NET analyzer (Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.NetAnalyzers)).

Could you display the rule’s category, if one was given by the external analyzer, below the rule name in the “Why is this important?” window? This would make setting this up a lot easier, and much more discoverable.


Hi Chris

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: I’m hoping we can improve the external issue experience this year and will consider this as part of it.