Disk requirements

Hi all.

I’m running SonarQube Developer Edition Version 9.4 (build 54424)
licensed for 2M LOC.
I currently looking into disaster recovery scenarios and realized I’m not sure what is required of the Disk on the server.

We have an external DB-server so, if I understand the documentation correctly NO persistent data should be on the actuall SonarQube server. Is that correct?

How much actuall HD space do I need on the server?
is 100GB enough? (The DB is located on another computer.)

I have searched this forum and none of the questions got answered with an actual number.
I can understand that sizing is difficult but a rough figure would be usefull, do we need about 10GB? 100GB? 1000GB? If I can get it under 100GB it would simplify my DR a lot.

Thanks in advance.


SonarQube doesn’t need much disk space, and 100 GB at DE 2M should be more than enough. SonarQube needs its binaries as well as space for the Elasticsearch index (whatever your SonarQube install directory is taking up when it is live should reflect the needs of your DR instance… of course allowing some room for growth / the OS.