Discrepancy in rule in sonar analysis - Rule Number: S1116

In our VB language code, in the sonar analysis report we are seeing a Minor issue for the rule S1116. This rule suggests that extra semicolons are introduced by mistake, for example because:

  • It was meant to be replaced by one more property declaration, but this was forgotten.
  • There was a typo which lead the semicolon to be doubled, i.e. ;;.

But as per the below screenshot SonarQube is throwing 4 such errors for line number 15, even though I can see there are no double semicolons:

Please advice on why this issue might be happening?

Hey there.

As requested in the template post, what verison of SonarQube are you using?


We are using SonarQube version 9.9.1

Hi any update on this?
As I mentioned in my previous response, We are using SonarQube version 9.9.1

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This is a community forum – and as we mention in our FAQ , please don’t bump threads after such a short time (less than a day).

Hi Community Team,

Any advice/update on my query

Hey there.

Could you please post a complete code sample where the issue can be reproduced? An entire file would be best. It’s fine if it’s not the original code – but it should still reproduce the same issue.